This is an International Directory for High Class Fetish Escorts and submissive or dominant BDSM Escort Ladies. Although it is a new directory the actual domain has been active and well established since 2009. Over the years hundreds of high calibre clients have visited this domain to search for a High Class Fetish Escort.
Primarily, it is now open to international Fetish Escorts worldwide to list their profiles. We are very careful to keep this space upscale, classy and clean. If you would like to list your profile here, keep in mind several important factors:

No nudity. Fashion, classy lingerie, latex, leather or any other fetish material is fine.

No heavily photoshopped images. In case of doubt, please get verified! (we reserve the right to ask for ID and several selfies)

You must have your own website. If you dont have a website we can recommend a web designer that is reputable and trustworthy to build you a website first.

You must be over 21 years of age to advertise here. We dont feel comfortable listing anyone under the age of 21 years especially when international travel and fetish or BDSM is involved. (we reserve the right to ask for ID)

We do not accept credit card payments, only direct bank transfer / bankwire.

We have decided not to have monthly listings because we find that you will not have a true feel for your ads success in a single month. Many directories will have monthly options but having advertised ourselves in the past, we have found that 1 month does not gain a true picture of the potential success of a listing.

We work hard to bring you as much and good quality traffic as possible. To ensure success of your ad though, you need to work on your profile, from text to images. How you showcase your profile will make all the difference to the level of success of your ad.

We are NOT an escort agency. We do not handle your emails or day to day running of your business. We are an advertising portal for international Fetish and submissive or dominant BDSM Escort Ladies.

For further information or advertising requests, please contact us.


Thank you